A New begining

Morning all, guess who?

Iv received some beautiful emails and messages asking what i have been up to and why i have not posted anything in quite some time so figured id do a little re cap of my life.

First and foremost: I Quit my agency!!. Over my birthday i took a break and went to London to stay at a friend’s place. When i returned my agent seemed to be mad at me somehow, I wasn’t getting any bookings but heard from sources that a few men had requested me. The final straw was when i asked my boss that perhaps he could advertise me…. his reply was discomfiting and shocked me to the core so much that i ended it.

He said he hasn’t been advertising me for quite some time as he noticed me getting fat and no one would want to book me. He said I needed to go to the gym and loose 10 kg then he would think about pushing me more. Being my friend in the past he knew all about my body issues I had overcome and how conscious i was about body image never believing i was good enough. To be starved of bookings and making no potential income from him in 3 months i was done. We both agreed it was for the best.

Since then our friendship is somewhat OK, he did try to salvage it by saying he didn’t really believe I was done for good, offering me to perhaps go private back to the way we use to be, offering me more money but of course when i declined i was flooded with abusive texts. Standard! we only text now and i haven’t seen him since we spent Christmas eve together. In a way i do feel sad for him, underneath all the aggression he is a sweet guy with a heart i just feel its been broken to many times for it to be mended and truly let anyone in.

My Sugar life: Has also come to an end. Although the times together were amazing and the income truly helped I felt in a weird way dependent on him for some time. Having quite the agency he was my only source of income and being a strong woman i felt bad. He is a true gentlemen, helped me quit, offered to help me start-up as an independent even asking other girls he had booked about their agencies and how i should join. We stopped seeing each other earlier this year, as i have my desires so does he. He ended up meeting another women on seeking arrangements, who was young had kids and worked at a brothel. I felt for him, he seemed so infatuated with her and in a way i could tell she was playing him for money but i didn’t have the heart to say. I recently spoke to him as it marked a year since the first time we met and his first escort. ( yours truly) He and his wife are now both dipping their toes in the escort pool, as a couple they are exploring sexual desires and truly connecting in a way he feels they never have. That right there is why i loved my job, it wasn’t all about the money it was about helping men get that thing they were lacking and his managed to incorporate it in his marriage.So proud and happy for him, we both ended up helping each other in our darkest moments.

Love: Since leaving i have met the most amazing man any woman can ask for, not to sound to sappy but i honestly didn’t think they existed anymore. He sends me love notes, buys me flowers just because, buys me presents, takes me on adventures and tells me every day how lucky he feels to have me in his life.

He recently took me to a very! expensive hotel in Sydney and it had me thinking the last time i was there was with a client, but i can do these glamour things in life without having to rely on a sugar daddy. Why be the sugar when you can be the wife. We have gone away to vineyards, hikes in the mountains, whale watching, and he just booked an amazing get away to Thailand.

Things seem to really be looking up at the moment, although we are far from perfect and by no means rich we are happy. I have recently moved in with him and bought a new addiction to my fur bunny collection.( Pets with Couples I no isn’t  always the best move).

Since leaving and looking back I don’t regret the work i did in fact i loved it, i just didn’t love my agent which may have killed it for me. I had tones of opportunities being asked to talk on today FM, Pose for Penthouse Mag, has multiple job offers from other agencies and also clients, being asked to do porn,and also manage another firm. I love what i do and im good at it however when your work effects your mental state and you are as unhappy as i was it’s not worth you wasting your years on. To be fair how long can you even be an escort for? in a way im happy im out now and not when i am 35 because im to old.

Will post another message soon about all the stuff I learnt which is actually extremely effective for anyone in this business. I learnt a lot about personal appearance, how to manage clients, tips and tricks to make you linger in there mind after you leave and really make an impression so they will tell friends. ( this helps i ended up at one point with 4 friends all booking me individually not even from the site just word of mouth)

Until then   xx

fyi this is me fat, let me know what you think, would you have booked me?




Word of mouth

This last week of work has been a little hectic but I think we have it back on track. After specifying that my agent and I clearly can’t work together I have now decided to speak only directly to the receptionist and it’s working a treat.

Having had a few bookings this week two really stood out. The clients were young on there 20s, tall, well spoken , very attractive and asked for me specifically.

I was beginning to think I had just won the jackpot however after speaking to them a little I found out it was much more. 

There is apparently a client of mine who is referring his friends to me. Go see scarlet he said she is amazing, slim, tall and will rock your world! One client trusted his friend so much he didn’t even bother looking up my agency and believed we were just advertised on cracker lol.

Neither of these clients would spill the beans on the mystery man however I would love to thank him. Not only is he referring me clients but they are the best type you could ask for and we really enjoyed our bookings. Both asking when I’m available again and another asking to extend or see me again later that night.

It just goes to show you really need to make the effort with every man you see because once you make that connection and the client enjoys his time it can be very beneficial.


What’s your reason?

We all hear about escorts and why they started in this business but I love hearing the stories behind why men choose to hire us and it’s not just because there all sex addicts!

Some are tall and some are scary

Some are short and way to hairy 

Some got married way to young

Some are divorced and want some fun 

Some are unlucky in finding the one

Some get to much and want no string fun

Some are to small and some are to big

Some go for to long and some cum to quick

Some like it soft and some like it rough 

Some like to fuck and some just jack off

Some like position and some can dress up

Some stay to hard and some just stay soft

Some have high drive and other have none

Some want a 3sem and some want the bum

Some want a fling and others a connection 

Some want to party or take to a convention

Some just want company others are just toey

Some have weird fetishes or seek a personality

Some like to dominate some will be the sub

Some want to use toys or be bound legs and arms

Some may come back and some won’t again

And that’s a males reasons for seeing escorts my dear.


Hotel drama

Help is needed!!

So since my sugar only comes to town for a day to see me he has asked if I know a place we can go. Obviously we can’t use our usual place however I’m finding it hard to find a substitute.

The appartment I use for Incalls is 50 an hour so that’s a no go. Hotels check in is at 2pm check out at 11am but he comes at 10 till around 5?

I don’t need a hotel all night however it’s cheaper to get a hotel then rent a room by the hour. I’m considering asking if hotels offer day rooms? Does anyone know about this or have any ideas as to what I can do besides offering my appartment to meet?

Wish I could tell the agency or had a escort I was friends with so we could split the bill and they take it for the night. Oh the delemas of being a sugar lol. My SD has offered to pay whatever’s needed although I told him I would take it out of his allowance as the agency would usually take more then it cost but his insisted. I just can’t justify the waste of money for a place I won’t use.

Help!! Lol


It can be a lonely life

I find myself craving girlfriends, someone to talk to about this life that I can share stories with and ask questions too.

The agency has a strict policy of not talking about clients and never lets us girls see eachother it’s pretty much banned but speaking to a male isn’t ever the same as they can in no way have the same experience.

I recently saw a review of another girl with one of my regulars. By default I caused this to happen as I was sick ( got stitches) and had to cancel the booking so another was sent. He blogged a review and although spoke about me in it I feel it wasn’t in the best of light. I now feel a tad betrayed and don’t particularly want to see this client again as I feel a tad hurt and don’t want my personal feelings to come between work. This client only ever sees me and pays a good penny for extras,Extras such as Greek which I only offer him. 

I know it’s unlikely a client only sees one escort but it’s another thing to read about it and have your name constantly mentioned, bashing you in it. I spoke to my agent about it and the response was to man up, guys just don’t really seem to get it. 

I once had someone I use to talk to however I feel we got played against eachother. I do miss being able to speak to her and if reading this hope maybe she can put differences aside and perhaps start a clean slate and help me out with some issues we have both experienced.

Thing is Iv been in the business for a year and only now is it starting to pay off. I’m experienced enough and my new sugar is helping me a lot with the money side but it would still be great to have someone to talk to. To be able to share experiences with and encourage eachother through the good and the bad. There should really be a Facebook page or site for girls in this industry to get to know eachother.


A gentlemens agreementĀ 

Sorry it’s been so long but Iv been trying to figure out a few things.

After being up and down with the agency they fired me I didn’t know if I should have been happy or mad. I asked for a week off to say goodbye to my friend as he was moving back to London and they agreed however I started getting messages lecturing me about my other job and how I shouldn’t be with anyone and I flipped. My personal life has nothing to do with work!

Having been fired I looked for my client/sugar to say yes to the agreement but couldn’t find him! I was stressing no money coming in I was at a loss. The agency agreed to take me back but our agreement was off the table, I’m back to 30 percent! Bring desperate I agreed.

Guess who my first client Was? Yep it was him!! We talked a lot about the arrangement and I decided why not! He is an amazing guy and we do have a special connection, with him it doesn’t feel like a client escort job and I feel really comfortable to just be myself around him.

He offered me my money for the booking plus the cash up front for our next meeting. He wants to always be a month in advance so there’s no pressure and it won’t feel like it’s all about the money.

I could honestly cry! 3.5k plus my booking fee I have finally been able to put money on my credit card and start paying my debt off. I’m so excited to see where this leads and the adventure I’m about to embark on. 

This client also found my blog while looking for me and clarified a few things about his wife so we are both at an extremely comfortable position! He wants me to show him new things and take his sexual desires to the next level, any tips??

So excited and over the moon happy! Regular income has really put my life in the best position yet.

Fingers crossed sugaring goes well this time.


A strong proposal

i decided to do one last booking with my regular he always flys into Sydney for the day just to see me.

During our 6 hour booking he took me out to lunch and proposed an offer that’s very hard to refuse. He has basically told me if I retire so does he.

He would rather have a sugar relationship with me then going through the agency for a few reason. One being its difficult to talk to a male and second he wants me to get all the money not having an agency taking a cut. 

He wants me to come to Melbourne for two days with him, paid flights and 7k in cash. He will pay for the hotel, take me shopping and to the ballet. I top of that the trips to Sydney will continue and has offered the same deal once a month he flys in for the day, spend time together for 3k in my pocket. If he can’t make it one month he will still pay me.

It’s an amazing offer however I am on the fence. One reason is I am still loyal to my friend and taking a client from him isn’t in my nature. However I’m afraid this client will leave his agency anyways. Second is he is married. This is normal for clients however he has spoken to me about telling his wife which doesn’t sit that well as I know from reading past posts it can go sour. 

He is an amazing guy and we have a lot of fun together but taking this deal I’m afraid the relationship may turn from client and service to something more along the lines of dating and I don’t need to be in a position like that with a man twice my age.

Mmmmm what’s a girl to do.


My double sided new life of a corporate world worker and secret job as an escort. I'm bran new to the industry and this blog is about all the truths and struggles behind it.